Han L.J. van der Maas


Professor and Head of Psychological Methods

Psychological Methods is one of the six research groups of the Department of Psychology of the University of Amsterdam. Senior staff members of the Research group are: Denny Borsboom, Eric Jan Wagenmakers, Lourens WaldorpGunter Maris, Angelique Cramer, Raoul Grasman, Leendert van Maanen, Dylan Molenaar, and Mijke Rhemtulla.

Director of the Graduate School of Psychology

The graduate school of Psychology offers one-year Dutch master programs in all fields of psychology; an outstanding two-year English research master program with a unique major-minor structure; and a successful four-year PhD program with excellent opportunities in both research and education

Scientific Founder of Oefenweb.nl

Oefenweb.nl develops innovative educational websites such as MathsGarden, Rekentuin, Taalzee, Typetuin, and Statistiekfabriek. Children and students play adaptive educational games to train their skills, teacher track children's progress and adapt their teaching. The data (about 1 million responses per day) collected at more than 1000 schools are used for scientific research.


Psychological Methods

Department of Psychology

University of Amsterdam

Weesperplein 4, room 207

1018 NX Amsterdam

The Netherlands

h.l.j.vandermaas at uva.nl

Phone +31-205256678